Preparation mixture for sausages to be kept in the freezer for later use. Delicious with rice or for stuffing tacos.

Preparation: 20 Minutes
Quantity: 20 Servings
180 calories per serving

mexican recipe food


  • 1 kg of semi-lean ground beef
  • 1 kg of semi-lean ground pork
  • 2 sachets of seasoning at Tacos El Paso
  • ½ cup regular breadcrumbs
  • 1 C. salt table
  • 1 C. tablespoons of pepper
  • 1 C. tablespoon of oil


  1. Mix all the ingredients together.
  2. Add to 100-200 ml of water to adjust the consistency of the mixture.
  3. Use the sausage machine to fill the casings.
  4. Keeps two days in the refrigerator. Freeze the excess quickly.


tasty mexican sausage recipe


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